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When fifteen-year-old Jake Moran has an altercation in the school cafeteria with his adversary, Buzz Walker, it sets off an incredible chain of events. Recognizing that traditional disciplinary methods aren't getting through to the troubled young surfer, Principal Singleton comes up with a creative punishment: Jake will forfeit his one free school period each day and instead spend it with Monroe High's new guidance counselor, Mike Cooper. Naturally, Jake scoffs at Principal Singleton's suggestion that he and Mr. Cooper, a "soul surfer," will hit it off. Little does Jake know that his surfing--and his life--is about to be turned completely around.

After a somewhat rocky beginning, "Coop" starts winning Jake's confidence. The endearing guidance counselor gains further credibility when Jake spots him in the ocean, displaying the form of a champion. Suddenly, Jake has a new coach as well as a valued mentor. Over time, Coop learns about the anger and bitterness that Jake has bottled up inside as he tries to grapple with the pain of his father's untimely death. Although nothing can bring back his dad, Jake is ready to start trusting again--leading to the warm and enduring friendship he and Coop develop.

As Jake's surfing skills reach a new level, he sets his sights on some very important tournaments. Waiting in the wings, of course, is his fierce rival, Buzz Walker. By the time the two teenagers face off in the finals of the biggest surfing event of the summer, Jake is prepared to face the ultimate challenge. But that's not all. Having absorbed the life lessons Coop has taught him, Jake finally confronts the deep sorrow he feels about the loss of his father. By the time Jake has conquered the "perfect wave," he has also won another battle--the most important one of his life.

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